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One way to protect your business is to know and control the flow of movement that takes place daily around your building. Effective access control systems that simplify your access to important and critical areas of your business. Elite Electronics provides you appropriate access control system design for your business – small, large and multi-level. We can provide additional security features and integrations with various other systems, eradicating the need to carry multiple credentials.

EES access control security devices are of the highest quality and designed to integrate correctly with existing security systems. Track and restrict access for different categories of personnel or visitors at various key points around your premises, all managed from a central location.



An access control system, such as those offered by Progeny, regulates entry to buildings or specific areas within them. It typically consists of electronic devices like card readers, keypads, and biometric scanners, along with control panels and software.

Authorized individuals are granted access through various means, such as presenting an access card, entering a code, or undergoing biometric verification. The system verifies the user’s credentials against stored data in a centralized database. If the credentials match, the system grants access and logs the entry.

Administrators can manage access rights remotely via software, allowing them to add or remove users, adjust permissions, and monitor activity logs. In case of lost or stolen credentials, access rights can be revoked instantly, maintaining security.

Overall, an access control system provides a secure and convenient way to manage and monitor access to a facility, enhancing safety and efficiency.





Progeny Access Control is a leading provider of advanced access control solutions based locally in Accrington, Lancashire. Their systems offer state-of-the-art security features to regulate entry to buildings and specific areas within them. We have installed and maintained Progeny throughout our time as a business, finding it to be a reliable, trustworthy and versatile product for all your access control needs.

Progeny’s access control systems typically include a range of electronic devices such as card readers, keypads, and biometric scanners, alongside sophisticated control panels and software. These components work seamlessly together to verify the credentials of individuals seeking access.

These Systems are designed for ease of use and management. With intuitive software interfaces, administrators can easily add or remove users, adjust access permissions, and monitor access logs in real-time. This level of control ensures that security protocols can be efficiently managed and maintained.



Set an IP Address on a Progeny Access Control System



How to Add Components to a Progeny Access Control System



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